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Big changes taking place at Rob Fuller Motorsports and LFR Chassis

Posted on June 13 , 2014 by Rob Fuller

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Change is in the air for NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour regular Rob Fuller Motorsports, who recently named 2003 Champion Todd Szegedy as the driver of the No. 15 Chevrolet for the New Hampshire 100 race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 12. Team owner and driver Rob Fuller made the decision shortly after testing the new LFR Chassis at Thompson Speedway last week.

“My intention was to work the bugs out of this new chassis and when the time was right, let someone take the wheel so I could focus on the business,” said Fuller. “After the test last week, I feel this chassis can win races immediately with the right people in the correct positions. My knowledge of this chassis makes my value higher on the outside of the car. With Todd driving and me making adjustments and gathering data, I feel we can win right out of the box.”

Fuller is the owner of LFR Chassis, a new company that manufactures modified and late model chassis, and this was the first test session where Fuller drove a race-ready modified chassis created by his company.

“I’m really excited to help Rob out with the new LFR Chassis and I’m excited to return to the tour,” said Szegedy. “I definitely enjoy being able to try something new. No matter how you look at it we’re going out there to win races. I’m thankful for Rob to give me the opportunity and it’s an honor to be part of this from the ground up.”

Szegedy has 18 career wins and 10 pole positions in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. He was named the series’ Most Popular Driver in 2007 and has three career victories at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. In addition to competing in the New Hampshire 100, Szegedy will run the No. 15 Rob Fuller Motorsports entry in the NASCAR Modified All-Star Shootout the day prior.

“I’m excited to work with 15-40 Connection as well,” Szegedy continued. “I know they are featuring stories of inspirational young adult cancer survivors throughout the season and I’m looking forward to being a part of that.”

Team partner, 15-40 Connection was on-board with the decision from the start. The non-profit, which raises awareness of cancer symptoms in young adults ages 15-40, understands recognizing when it’s right to make a change. The group regularly speaks with young adults and reminds them to go see a doctor if changes to your normal health persist for more than two weeks.

“Rob’s understanding of when it’s right to make a change speaks volumes to our mission at 15-40 Connection,” said Tricia Laursen, Executive Director. “We want everyone to recognize the important health advantage you can give yourself by identifying subtle but persistent health changes and seeking medical attention to determine and treat the cause.”

Although Fuller is the head of LFR Chassis, the day to day management and oversight is handled by veteran NASCAR crew chief Tony Eury Jr. Eury Jr. has over 20 years of experience working at the top levels of NASCAR as a crew chief, car chief, mechanic and tire changer.

“To have someone with his experience and knowledge come on board and help us develop and manufacture top-level chassis and components is huge,” said Rob Fuller, owner. “No other manufacturer can offer someone with those credentials.”

Eury Jr. has led the top teams in motorsports – including Dale Earnhardt Inc. (DEI), Hendrick Motorsports and JR Motorsports – to numerous wins and championships, and hopes to do the same in his work with LFR.

“I’m excited to reunite with Rob and work together on this new venture,” Eury Jr. said. “We’re both racers at heart and take pride in running well and creating quality products. Our big goal is to build the best modified and super late models we can possibly build and be competitive at all levels. I’ve been in the Cup Series a long time, life changes and you slow down and I want to give back to where it all started. I really enjoy helping the next generation get to the racetrack with great equipment and advice. I will be going to the racetrack some for LFR Chassis. We will be going testing and improving our product continuously.”

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