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Draco Springs to Have a Dominating Presence at IceBreaker

Posted on March 28 , 2011 by Rob Fuller

Draco Springs to Have a Dominating Presence at IceBreaker

When Rob and his RFM, Draco Spring Modified rolled into the Thompson IceBreaker in 2010, they found themselves alone on the Draco Spring “purple island”, if you will. Not the case this year at all.

After watching the speed the RFM modified had during the 2010 season, Rob and his purple springs started turning heads in NASCAR’s oldest division. “This is what I enjoy the most”, says Fuller. “I love developing, testing, and then offering a superior product to these racers that work their butts off to race on a weekly basis without 7-Post Rigs, engineers, and private planes.”

Among the new customers is the reigning Whelen Modified Tour Champion Bobby Santos. After leaving the Thompson test last week, the famous 4 car was on the top of the leader board with the purple springs. “I’m very impressed with the product,” says crew chief Bob Mueller. “I especially like how much nicer it is when scaling the car. One turn is always a consistent increase or decrease where my old springs were all over the board.”

Another car that had power of purple was Todd Szegedy in the 2 car. Todd was one of the fastest cars all day at Thompson as well. “We did a back to back test at Caraway and it was a huge improvement in forward bite,” describes crew chief Phil Moran. “I worked with Rob and Draco Springs last year and got first-hand experience on the advantage we had in springs.”

The battle for the title could come down to these two drivers this year. Then throw in the Draco modified driven by Rob for seven shows this year and the “purple island” could be a popular place next season for sure!