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Fuller Completes a Busy June

Posted on July 22 , 2010 by Rob Fuller

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Fuller Completes a Busy June

The RFM Team is back in NC after a long, drawn out June.  The team recently ran Whelan Modified Tour race at Loudon, NH, where the result doesn’t reflect the team’s progress.  After placing in the top 10 in both practices sessions and an impressive 9th place qualifying effort in the 40 car field, the day was cut short for Fuller on just lap 4 of the 100 lap event.  “Boy we were good in practice, but after the cup cars peeled all of our good rubber up, I was loose as heck!” explained Fuller.  “Our set-up was almost identical to Newman’s.  I should have played it smart like he did and just fell back until the track rubbered up and went forward like he did.  I guess that’s why he does it for a living and I do it for enjoyment!”

On a positive note Rob got reunited with friends and family for the week leading up to the event.  “That’s the important stuff for me at this point, to see my friends and hang out with the family at the track means the world to me.”

Rob and his family are planning to move back to Massachusetts soon.  With the schedule Fuller is keeping, time is definitely not on his side.  “We are really trying hard to relocate up North, it’s just difficult to try and keep things going smooth in the process”, explains Rob.   “The folks at Draco are very supportive and the product line is doing so well, I don’t want to take time away from that.  The move for the family needs to be as smooth as possible as well, so the modified might have to take a backseat to those things for a while until we can get organized and do it the correct way when we return.”

The RFM schedule slows down until mid-August when the mod will return to Bristol.  “Man I love that place, but if we can’t do it the right way we will have to run the races that make the most sense.”

With only 5 races left on the racing schedule, the RFM group will make every effort on hitting all of them, but don’t look for anything but a top level effort from them.  “If I can’t do it the right way, I just won’t do it”, explains Fuller.  “I know I have the best equipment in the garage, but without organization and good people at the track you’re wasting your time.”

Look for an August press release from RFM to let the fans know what the remaining schedule will look like.  “I will race as long as I am breathing, “says Rob, “but it will only be the correct way.”