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Fuller Fights With Lady Luck at Martinsville

Posted on June 10 , 2010 by Rob Fuller

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Fuller Fights With Lady Luck at Martinsville

Rob pulled into Martinsville Speedway this weekend with high expectations of a strong showing. Having his uncles Jeff and Jimmy along with his father Bobby in his corner still wasn’t enough to fight off the bad luck that plagued the team during the two day event. The blistering heat just added to the trying times that the paperclip-designed Martinsville often shows its competitors.

Fuller started the first practice fast as usual for the RFM team. Sitting fourth was a good feeling to the newly constructed team. At the end of all the qualifying runs made by other teams, the RFM group still sat in the top 20. Second practice was also good for Rob. He sat 9th until the end of practice when during his qualifying run he spun the Draco modified in turns 3 & 4. “The track was too slick to push as hard as I was”, said Rob. “It sure would have been nice to see what we could have done, but it was a lazy spin and we will try again when it counts.”

An early draw wasn’t what Fuller wanted to see but when all the 39 cars made their run the RFM group was sitting a respectable 18th. “I always want to be on the pole, but I haven’t run a modified here since 1998, so we will take it and move on.”

At the start of the 200-lap event, Fullers luck started running out. A ballast bag was left in the car at the driver’s feet and was interfering with Fuller’s ability to work the gas and brakes as needed. After driving up to the 12th spot Fuller had no choice but to pit to remove the bag for safety reasons. After getting back on the track on lap 14, Fuller began to turn the heat up on his own. Passing 8 cars in just 5 laps in one green flag run and another 10 in the next found the Draco Ford in the 14th spot.

The RFM group planned a pit stop and a repeat of their charge through the field that they displayed earlier. On lap 87 Fuller gave up the 14th spot to come down on pit road. While changing right side tires the Revolution Racing Team, that Fuller had pitting the car, found the studs to be knocked out of the hub making it impossible to change the tire. A speedy recovery was made but still left Rob down 5 laps to the competition. At this point the decision was made to not risk the car or the motor and regroup for the next event.

“It was an unfortunate deal, but what can you do?” questioned Fuller. “The car was pretty fast and we were actually catching the leaders during that green flag run so I can’t be too down I guess.”

Fuller still finds himself pumped up for Loudon. “We planned on running our new car but this one runs real well everywhere we take it, so I figured we will bring it back to Loudon where we were so fast last fall.” The RFM teams leaves in two weeks for New England and plans a long week of great weather and a top five to top it off. “I just love it up there, after the blistering heat at Martinsville, I can’t wait for the northern summer weather”, explained Fuller. “It really is a good feeling to have all my family helping out and friends that I miss a lot around me. I really look forward to a nice top 5 or 10 to end the month. I know we can do it.”

After Loudon Rob heads to Texas for a visit to Draco, then back to NC where he will get ready for the next event.