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Fuller Reflects on Loudon

Posted on August 08 , 2011 by Rob Fuller

Fuller Reflects on Loudon

RFM and company made the first trip of 3 to the famed New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH last week. Robs back was against the wall before the hauler pulled out of the new shop. “Two of our main guys are on vacation with their families this week, so we are shorthanded which isn’t a good feeling heading to Loudon,” explained Fuller.

Practice started Thursday afternoon and right off the bat the Draco modified had issues. “We had a wicked skip in the motor for the first few runs,” explained Fuller. “Bono and his guys lent us a spare ignition and it seemed to fix the issues.”

With the first problem behind them, the RFM team continued with remainder of practice. On the fourth run Rob radioed to the team that the transmission didn’t sound right. After looking into the issue, a big problem arose. “I have to take the blame on that”, explains Fuller. “Gordy, the guy who does my transmissions, is pretty good at not safety wiring the plugs if there is no fluid and sure enough it was dry.”

NASCAR let RFM unload on Friday while the Nextel Cup cars practiced to change the transmission. Unfortunately, Rob’s bad luck was about to turn worse. Race day morning Rob and the guys unloaded the Draco Modified ready to put there bad luck behind them. While priming the motor before am practice Rob noticed the oil pump belt was missing teeth. “That was not good at all”, says Fuller. “At that point we decided to just load up instead of risking the motor blowing up in practice.”

Needless to say, it was a long ride home for Rob. On the flip side, the ride provided time for the weekend to sink in. “Man, I knew I should have waited until I was organized in my new shop, house, and life for that matter before I tried to make a race”, explained Rob. “This is not how I got to where I am in my career now by rushing and being unorganized. It’s embarrassing!”

Fuller, obviously upset, ended the interview with that moment. When the team gets the power plant back from Tony’s shop they will assess the situation and make a plan for the remainder of the year. The overwhelming amount of pressure and stress applied to Rob over the last few months with all that’s going on in his world it is almost unfathomable. With the house about done and the and the new RFM /Draco Racing shop in its last week of construction, it would be safe to say that the RFM group will be back in winning race form in no time.