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Ownership Of LFR Chassis Inc. Offer Numerous Details On The Newly Formed Organization

Posted on January 11 , 2014 by Rob Fuller

LFR Chassis

Ownership Of LFR Chassis Inc. Offer Numerous Details On The Newly Formed Organization

On Friday, company principals Rob Fuller and Steve Leavitt announced the formation of LFR Chassis Inc.
LFR ChassisSaturday, with the two company owners fielding questions from across the racing world on the objectives and goals of the new company, the decision was made to answer some of those question.

Below, Fuller answers many of the questions that have been directed at company principals since the announcement of the new endeavor.

Question: The word is out now on the LFR Chassis. This is a huge undertaking. How did this come about and why?

Rob Fuller: It is a big undertaking for sure. I have a great relationship with [Troyer Race Cars owner Billy Colton] and all the guys at Troyer. I have really challenged those guys with creating custom parts and pieces for my cars so the thought of doing something like this has been there for years. It’s really no surprise to Billy. I offered to get involved with the asphalt side of Troyer back in May and was honest with Billy in telling him I planned on doing the Troyer asphalt side of things or doing this deal. I really want to design and build a chassis that is on the cutting edge of technology. I think the timing is right and the racers are ready for it. I worked closely with Steve on his late Model chassis and enjoyed every minute of it. The end result was a late model that was heads and shoulders above the rest and the performance was there. The partnership with Steve will be a win-win for both of us – Steve has tremendous talent but is not getting any younger! This provides him some security and me the opportunity to develop chassis so it’s a great opportunity for both of us.

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