Rob Fuller

Here is a gallery of a guy who describes himself as camera shy. On the personal level Rob is extremely private. Not letting many people in has left his list of personal friends rather short. Rob sees this as a good thing. "I have made some life long strong friendships in racing," said Rob. "The sport attracts all types though and it's never smart to let your guard down."

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Modified Photos

Rob Fuller racing his NASCAR Modified Car

Team Photos

Having worked at every level of racing, Rob prides himself on taking care of the people that take care of him. From private planes, team parties, to plush accomodations, Rob has many ways he shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Most of all they know he gives 110% behind the wheel.

Draco Springs

Back 'N The Day

Photos from the Early Days

Camping World Truck Series

2009 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Photos

Late Model Photos

Late Model race photos from the past and present

Victory Lane

Rob Fuller and his DRACO Spring Late model in Victory Lane at Hickory