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RFM and Draco Heat Up In Off Season

Posted on November 28 , 2010 by Rob Fuller

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RFM and Draco Heat Up In Off Season

Just as most race teams are unwinding and starting to slow down for the off season, the polar opposite is the case at RFM and Draco Racing.  As Fuller put it, “I sometimes wonder how I plan on fitting lunch in on a daily basis.”

Let’s dive right in and talk about the two new race cars scheduled to be at the RFM shop in a month.  First of all there is the new NASCAR Whelen Modified.  “I couldn’t see our new shop without one”, explains Fuller.  The new 2011 Troyer Modified will be the first of its kind.  While in NC for the DIRT series racing, Billy Colton made time to stop by and talk to Rob about the newly designed 2011 mod.  “I always like to pick Rob’s brain about designs and ideas when it comes to any style of racing”, explains Colton.  “His Draco springs really helped out our DIRT modified this year.”  The 2011 Troyer Modified will have updates in suspension, body style and overall mechanical engineering of moving parts.  “I really wanted to do what we did with the ’09 design which was making it (the design) unique to the model.  I want to unload it and have people know that it’s a 2011 Troyer.”

Next we have RFM teaming up with another manufacturer that is also familiar with the benefits of joining forces with Rob.  Leavitt Racing and RFM announced the joint effort in heading north to enter a Super Late Model at the Thompson Speedway in 2011. “This is a no brainer on our end”, explains Steve Leavitt.  “We joined forces in 2008 with Rob on our NASCAR Late Model venture and found instant success.  We expect the same when he heads north next year with this division.”  In 2008 Leavitt Racing turned to RFM to help design a chassis for that division.  Leavitt was hit pretty hard with the “newly designed” COT car in NASCAR.  Most teams found it more economical to do their repairs in house.  This left Leavitt with no choice but to diversify to survive.

RFM will call on services of RoushYates for the motor under the hood of the Super Late Model and of course his stepdad Tony will supply the engines for the Modified again.  “It’s great to work with the guys at RoushYates”, says Rob.  “They are really a great group of serious racers that do what it takes to succeed.”

Just last week Rob stepped into another venture….. the broadcast booth.  He made the trip to Bristol, TN and did the color commentating for the North/South Shootout produced by Fox Sports.  “Yea, those guys called when they found out I wasn’t running and asked me to do the voice over or color commentating for the event”.  Rob was able to find the upside to being in a room for 11 hours with the other analyst.  “It was like a closet!” explained Fuller.  “It was about 3’x6’ with padded walls.”  Derek Pernesiglio was the main commentator with Rob providing a driver’s opinion of the race.  The show will air on December 11th at 7:00pm on Fox Sports.

That leaves us with the racers vacation known as the PRI Show in Orlando, FL.  The folks at Draco Racing are proud to announce that Jimmy Phelps and the HBR DIRT Modified will be on display in the Draco booth for the 2010 PRI Show.  With the help of Draco Springs, Jimmy Phelps had a banner year.  Multiple wins and poles helped the team secure a second place points finish in the challenging DIRT Modified Series.  Rob will head to Florida on December 7th for the show.  PRI will be the place for racer to be until Saturday the 11th when the Fullers will head to the Walt Disney World Resort for a little well deserved R&R.  “We have worked the family vacation into the PRI show this year and couldn’t be happier”, says Fuller.  “My wife Monica will be helping us out in the booth while the kids are at Disney with her parents.  We will join them when the show is over on Saturday and hang out with Mickey for the week.”

Between all that we just spoke of, Rob and Draco racing continue to work feverishly on the valve spring yet to be unveiled.  “We are real close”, says Rob.  “We are in the middle of testing them now and so far so good.”

Stay tuned next month for a huge announcement on the latest plan from RFM and Draco on how they plan on helping out local racers at designated tracks.  Until then rest assured that RFM and Draco are full steam ahead to say the very least.  Stop by the booth at PRI and visit Rob personally from 9 am -4pm all three days to discuss springs, suspension or any other topic that will improve your own team’s performance!