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RFM Completes Thompson Test in New Modified

Posted on March 28 , 2011 by Rob Fuller

RFM Completes Thompson Test in New Modified

RFM and company set off to Rochester, NY, home of Troyer Race cars on Wednesday to assist in the final touches on the all new NASCAR Modified before heading to the track on Friday night. The test was a one day deal on Saturday so the RFM group had their hands full to shake down the new piece and then put the hammer down and see what they had. “We were a little behind at the shop, but I couldn’t be happier with the car that Billy Colton and his team put together”, says Fuller. “Honestly that is one of the things I look forward to in moving back up to the Northeast. Guys like Billy do whatever it takes to get the job done at hand without making excuses and they completed the task I set for them….. build the baddest modified they could.”

The car that unloaded in Thompson, CT was one of the most technologically advanced modifieds to make a lap on the famed 5/8 mile. After a 15 minute shake down, Rob went out in the next practice and found himself a mere .2 off of the reigning tour champ Bobby Santos (who is also on the famous purple springs this year). “I’m very pleased”, explains Rob. “When you put it all in perspective we over achieved at this test.”

The 2011 RFM team added a few new faces this year as well. Rob reunited with some old friends from Massachusetts that are lending a hand and Jeff DeMinck will be on board in the crew chief roll as well. “I think Jeff will be the perfect fit for our organization”, explains Fuller. “He is detailed, organized and loves to race, what else could I ask for?”

Although the test was a success on most levels, Rob still thrives to improve when they return in 2 weeks. “If it wasn’t Thompson, I would be happier”, says Fuller. “This is my home track, I’ve been coming here for 30 years and have seen my family (Bobby, Ricky and Jeff) do some amazing things here, so I tend to put a little more pressure on myself to run good, even though I have limited time on the tricky 5/8 mile.”

The RFM group will head back to Rochester, regroup and come back stronger and ready to race at the infamous IceBreaker 2011. Look for Rob and the rest of the RFM group to be a threat at the track that he calls “home”.